Confirming Independent Origins, and Debunking Human Evolution

The evidence for Independent Origins is overwhelming. We have discovered The First Couple in our genetics:


Do Neanderthals provide evidence for human evolution or Independent Origins (the separate special creation of Adam and Eve):

Man is presently degenerating due to mutation accumulation (Genetic Entropy). The accumulation of low-impact nearly neutral deleterious mutations puts shelf lives on genomes. This indicates that species cannot be old. This also refutes universal common ancestry:

Dr. John Sanford lecture on Human Deterioration (Upload from Standing For Truth):

tanding For Truth (D. Joseph) discussion/debate with atheist critic (Andrew Coming known as A Rational Empiricist on Youtube):


What about the fossil record? Does the fossil record provide supporting evidence for ape-to-man evolution? This video dismantles the best evolutionary icons:


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KINDLE VERSION for The Independent Origins Handbook now available:



SERIES: Debunking Low-Quality and Low-Confidence Science (The Fossil Record) -

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