White Paper

The Biblical Coin (BC) is a cryptocurrency that has been created based on the principles and teachings found in scripture. We firmly believe that evangelism is of utmost importance in today's world and that charity and blessings are the cornerstone of Christianity. The tokenomics of Biblical Coin have been inspired by the Bible, with a portion of each purchase tithed for outreach and blessings, in accordance with scripture. Furthermore, we aim to reward coin holders with either token burns or airdrops voted on by you, the holder. We also intend to make non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that can grant the holder access to yearly team meet-ups. This whitepaper outlines the vision, principles, and technical specifications of Biblical Coin.

1. Introduction
Biblical Coin (BC) emerges as a unique cryptocurrency that seeks to align the principles of Christianity with the potential of blockchain technology. By leveraging the power of the decentralized ledger system, we aim to foster evangelism, charity, and blessings within the global Christian community. The implementation of the tokenomics were inspired by the Bible and the provision of exclusive benefits for coin holders, we hope to create a vibrant and impactful ecosystem.

2. Vision and Objectives
The primary vision of Biblical Coin is to facilitate and promote evangelism in the digital age. We recognize the importance of leveraging technology to spread the message of Christianity and engage with individuals worldwide. Our objectives include:

2.1 Evangelism: Encouraging and supporting evangelistic efforts through the utilization of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

2.2 Charity: Establishing a charitable ecosystem where funds generated from transactions are used for outreach initiatives, humanitarian efforts through the ministry, and supporting Christian causes.

2.3 Blessings: Enabling individuals to experience the blessings of giving and receiving through a community-driven platform.

2.4 Community Engagement: Fostering an active and engaged community by providing unique benefits and opportunities exclusively for Biblical Coin holders.

3. Tokenomics
The tokenomics of Biblical Coin have been designed to align with the principles outlined in Leviticus 27:30, which states, "A tithe of everything from the land, whether grain from the soil or fruit from the trees, belongs to the Lord; it is holy to the Lord." Accordingly, Biblical Coin incorporates a tithing mechanism where a percentage of each transaction is set aside for charitable causes and outreach initiatives.

3.1 Token Distribution:

  • Development & Charity Fund: A small portion of the total supply will be allocated to a development fund to ensure ongoing project development, maintenance, and innovation.
  • Community Rewards: A percentage of the total supply will be allocated for rewarding the community through an airdrop this Christmas, future NFTs, and other incentives.

3.2 Tithing Mechanism:
A percentage of each transaction conducted with Biblical Coin will be automatically allocated to the liquidity pool and the ministry. This fund will be utilized for outreach programs, humanitarian efforts, and supporting Christian causes and voted on by the community through a transparent governance model.

4. Benefits for Coin Holders
Biblical Coin aims to reward its holders and foster a strong and engaged community. Coin holders will benefit from:

4.1 Airdrop: A massive Christmas airdrop will be conducted, providing additional coins to existing holders as a gesture of appreciation and encouragement.

4.2 Tournament game winners. Our new play-to-earn game should be released first Quarter 2024 and we intend to have quarterly tournament competitions where winners win free Biblical Coins!

4.3 Future Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs): NFTs will be issued exclusively to coin holders for free, granting access to future yearly events, such as conferences, seminars, and gatherings. These NFTs serve as tokens of participation and provide unique experiences within the Biblical Coin community.

4.4 Those holding Biblical coin and following the social media will be informed on current news before anyone else hears about it. This will allow followers to hear about updates and new releases such as possible future games and tokens. 

5. Governance and Transparency
Biblical Coin is committed to transparency and community-driven decision-making. A decentralized governance model will be implemented, allowing coin holders to propose and vote on various initiatives, charity projects, and future developments.

6. Conclusion 
The Biblical Coin represents a novel approach to cryptocurrency, inspired by the principles and teachings found in scripture. By integrating tokenomics based on tithing, supporting evangelism and charity, and providing unique benefits for coin holders, we strive to create an ecosystem that fosters evangelism, charity, and blessings. Through community engagement and transparent governance, we aim to empower individuals to actively participate in spreading the message of Christianity and making a positive impact in the world. Here at team Standing for Truth Ministries we are all about glorifying God and evangelism. You, buying any amount of the Biblical Coin, supports the ministry and allows us to put all of our time and effort into it. 

As the creator of the Biblical Coin (BC), I have not relinquished ownership as of yet, this is because once that is done I can no longer give airdrops nor control token burns. I have been into crypto for years now and have watched many projects rise and fall, especially during a bear market. This taught me how to create and run the perfect crypto project. I intend to keep token burns for bear-market years such as 2026 and 2027. However, if the holders eventually want me out, I will relinquish ownership of the token. I created the token using the Token Tool Bitbond, it gives me control over how the tokeninomics work, but it is somewhat limited in a coins creation. 

In line with our commitment to accessibility, we have developed a unique token that resonates with like-minded individuals. This token serves as a conduit for individuals who seek to align their financial endeavors with their spiritual values. By leveraging this innovative platform, we aim to bridge the gap between faith and finance, enabling individuals to seamlessly merge their monetary pursuits with their spiritual journey.

Furthermore, recognizing the socioeconomic challenges faced by many, we have taken deliberate steps to ensure inclusivity extends beyond investment opportunities. To this end, we have crafted an engaging "play-to-earn" game, granting individuals from all walks of life an equal chance to participate in a monthly tournament. This exciting competition offers the prospect of winning free Biblical Coin to the top three achievers, even enabling those who may lack the means to invest to partake in the rewards.

With this multifaceted approach, we are fostering a sense of community, where individuals can unite in their pursuit of financial and spiritual growth. Join us on this remarkable journey, as we propel the message of the gospel to new horizons through the integration of Biblical Coin and Standing for Truth Ministries.

 About me: 

I come from a diverse background, encompassing various roles and areas of expertise. As a Biblical creationist, ordained minister, author, and lecturer, I have delved deep into the realms of faith and knowledge. I take pride in having written and published over 15 books, which can be readily found on popular platforms like Amazon. To explore my literary contributions further, I invite you to visit the following website: Creationist Clothing Books.

Beyond my passion for theology and literature, I am also deeply invested in the field of health advocacy. With a background as an herbalist, gerontologist, and longevity, I have traveled the USA, imparting knowledge and delivering fun and enlightening lectures on the subject of well-being and disease prevention. Embracing the digital age, I now curate and host the captivating YouTube channel "Young Earth Creation," which serves as a platform to delve into the fascinating intricacies of our world's origins and history.

In addition, I proudly serve as the founder of the esteemed Standing for Truth Ministries, an organization dedicated to promoting and preserving the principles of Biblical creation. Through our multifaceted endeavors, we strive to inspire, educate, and empower individuals to embrace the truth.

Thank you for allowing me to share a glimpse of my professional journey and passions. I look forward to engaging with you further and embarking on a fruitful exchange of knowledge.