• Olfactory genes along with mutations across ape species. Does this not prove common ancestry?

    QUESTION: "A paper has a sampling of olfactory genes along with mutations across ape species. Does this not prove common ancestry"? This this actua...
  • 1 Kings 6:1 & The Judges Controversy

    1 Kings 6:1 & The Judges Controversy Written By Jessi Warren This article is regarding genealogical chronology To start we must first exami...
  • Human Language Origin

    Human Language Origin Matt Nailor Feb 16th 2019          DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.12059.90406 Project: Language Origins Abstract This study...
  • Y Chromosome Mutation Rate Predictions

    Y Chromosome Mutation Rate Predictions M. Nailor, & D. Joseph. In 2015, Young-Earth Creationist (YEC) Dr. Nathaniel T. Jeanson predicted th...
  • Adam and Eve—The First Couple

      CHAPTER 3 Adam and Eve—The First Couple By D. Joseph (Standing For Truth)  Featured in THE INDEPENDENT ORIGINS HANDBOOK           The evidence ...
  • Confirming Independent Origins, and Debunking Human Evolution

    The evidence for Independent Origins is overwhelming. We have discovered The First Couple in our genetics:
  • Michael J. Oard, The Genesis Flood, and Answering Challenges

    Overwhelming evidence for the Global Flood of Noah, answering challenges, and refuting the critics!
  • Refuting Biblical Compromise

    Dr. Jonathan Sarfati joins Team Standing For Truth to debunk Biblical Compromising positions. Positions debunked in this must-watch video include: Old Earth Creation, ANE interpretations, Theistic Evolution, and more. Inspiring Philosophy also put out a video titled "TOP TEN Biblical Problems for Young Earth Creationism". Inspiring Philosophy makes some very specific claims in his video--and we refute them with sound Biblical Hermeneutics. Does the Bible teach Young Earth Creation? The answer is yes. And the scientific data corroborates the plain reading of scripture. Watch and see scientific refutations of an old earth and evolution. If you are also looking for evidence for a a worldwide flood (The Genesis Flood), then this is the video for you!
  • Possible Solutions to the Heat Problem

    Standing For Truth (D. Joseph), Raw Matt, George Bond, and Professor McQueen provide some very promising solutions to the so-called Heat Problem associated with the worldwide flood. Another question answered in this very informative video is: does the Bible teach a Local Flood? The answer is no--and find out why in the video! 

    Some desperate critics attempted to respond to this video--and they ignored most of it. Our response found here: 

  • Refuting Joel Duff

    Do Young Earth Creationists believe in Hyper-Evolution? YEC critic Joel Duff seems to think so. Watch as Standing For Truth (D. Joseph) and Raw Matt refute Joel Duff and his many criticisms of Young Earth Creation. Does the numbers of species we see today better fit within the evolutionary model or the Young Earth Creation model of ancestry? This questions and many more are answered in this must-watch video demolishing universal common ancestry!
  • Debunking the Critics: Aron Ra

    Team Standing For Truth does their best to examine each and every argument and challenge being put forth by the critics. We then do our best to dismantle these arguments and challenges--and then show how the data better fits with the Biblical Creation model of origins. Aron Ra is a militant atheist who frequently misrepresents Biblical Creation, including Noah's Flood. In this video--we refute the best arguments of Aron Ra. If you have ever seen Aron Ra's Flood Series--you are not going to want to miss out on this video!
  • Evidence for Christianity

    Dr. Frank Turek joins Team Standing For Truth for a discussion on the overwhelming evidence for Christianity. This video is perfect for those looking for an hour long video packed with information debunking atheism and demonstrating that the evidence best fits within a Christian Worldview. Can atheism explain reality? Can naturalism explain why there is something rather than nothing? Is there evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ? Can we trust the Gospel accounts? What is the best evidence for Christianity? Is there evidence for large-scale evolution? Find out answers to all of these questions--and more!