The Best Cryptocurrency to buy at Market Bottom!

This article is going to cover my strategy when it comes to looking for the best investment possible. With the new changes coming to the marketplace, I thought I would share my knowledge for anyone looking to get into crypto.

The SEC is coming for crypto guys. That is scary for a few reasons. First the SEC stands for The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC) is an independent agency of the United States federal government. The politicians have basically given a green light to the SEC to go after any crypto security THEY deem a security, regardless if it is or not. 

1:) They are not after anything but money. It's not really about if something is a security. Let's get that out first and foremost. Look at the Ripple vs SEC case and listen to Elon himself...

2:) They can and will attack a completely legitimate company, but it must have a reason. Therefore, know what the SEC will look for and avoid particular tokens under that criteria.

3) They will attack a crypto of their choosing which will hurt it badly (at first and during court cast). Meaning, the token will be delisted on nearly every exchange just like Ripple/XRP was. This will crash the price hard. Next, the price will remain low until they can prove in court that the token was not a security. Then it will get listed again. Now it is true a few people might like this, as it will give them a chance to get the token that they never had a chance of getting because the price and market cap was just too high to make a good return.

4:) Now, let's cover those things above; When determining whether a digital asset is a security, the SEC considers whether the asset constitutes an "investment contract." For an asset to be considered an investment contract, it must meet the three criteria of the Howey Test which was developed and named after the Supreme Court case SEC v. W.J. Howey Co., 328 U.S. 293 (1946). The Howey Test requires that there must be (1) the investment of money (2) in a common enterprise (3) with a reasonable expectation of profits to be derived from the efforts of others.

Is that all? No. That brings us to the next question; What else will the SEC target now that the RIpple court case has ended and we finally have clarity on what they deem a security? Well, we know the SEC has already stated any token that had a presale (known as an ICO) will be considered a security. Next we know they are looking at any token giving a high APY, this is a red flag to them and only USDC is allowed (for now) So most if not all De-fi tokens will be gone completely. Next, we know the SEC considers many cryptocurrency coins and tokens to be securities under the Howey Test, saying, "If somebody is raising money selling a token and the buyer is anticipating profits based on the efforts of that group to sponsor the seller, that fits into something that's a security" 

That brings us to the most important question of all. Now that we know what the SEC will target, what is safe? Well, not much. Even amazing tokens like Algorand and Hbar could theoretically get targeted, as they match the criteria of a security in one way or another. The safest bet of all are what are known as Rug Proof tokens. The term rug pull comes from the concept that someone can preferably pull the rug out from under you, aka taking all your money and running. Therefore tokens that are rug proof are those with a renounced ownership. The next criteria is, does anyone have access to the majority of tokens? If so, then someone can dump and run. Next criteria to look for was it Audited? If it was not, the be careful. Ask yourself why it was not. The next criteria would be, is liquidity locked? If yes, then you have another safe link in the chain.

Now this has nothing to do with what the SEC is looking for, but I think everyone should know about this since we are on the topic. What makes a token more valuable than another? Well a few things, one of those being; Utility. What it does. Does it have a function or does it just exist because of popularity. If it has any utility at all then it will have a long future when all the rest will not as they only exist because of a trend and most trends fade away over time. The next characteristics of a good token are; Doxed creators, a token that is either deflationary or gives reflections, one that has no mining, and for maximum potential growth preferably a token Non yet listed on any major exchanges, with low or no whales who own over 50%. Any of these make a great investment, but all of these would be your precious golden goose. 

Do any tokens has all of these qualifications? YES! It's the only 1 that I know of that has them all down the line, and it's where I have the most of all my money, It's none other than Safemoon Inu (SMI).

 It is 100% Rug proof, with liquidity locked, audited by (TechRate), renounced ownership, doxed creators, no mining, and its gives 2% reflections on each and every purchase or sale making it a beneficial deflationary token. It's also a utility token with a game already created and ready to go for next bull run. SMI play is not listed on any major exchange yet, so huge potential with a very low market cap and no whales yet! We have an amazing telegram community where you can see other people who buy and sell and talk to people about the project and game.

So with a future in crypto where most of the market will get wiped out, you must play it smart and invest in the safest tokens possible. To me that begins and ends with Safemoon Inu. Does that mean I do not own any other tokens? No, I am willing to risk some money on others, but Safemoon Inu I treat like my bank. That is where I hold the majority of my money there because it is the safest out of any crypto I have ever found, and believe me, I have read through the white pages on most of them. 

I wish you the best in your crypto future, and as of today July 12th, I see that we are very near the bottom and if you are buying anything at these levels then you are a rockstar, because one day these prices will never be seen again. If you are reading this article and wondering over the next year how your money will look, well, let's cover that for just a moment. In this bad economy and recession we cannot expect to become millionaires overnight. We have to be logical and not think with emotion. Could things turn around and fly up tomorrow? Anything is possible, but is it probable? Not really. Things are not looking good, and most bear markets last one year. But believe me, this is a good thing. This gives us all time to accumulate more before the market flips. Also, I want you to consider this, what has more of a chance of making you money… Something with a 4 billion market cap or something with a 4 million market cap? Obviously the lower the market cap (MC)  the more potential it has. The Market Cap for SMI is literally only 4 million as of today. This extremely low MC is a golden ticket to the moon for those who know how fast a project like this can grow.

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